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I am a photographer/videographer living in Philadelphia, PA. I am originally from Bloomfield, CT but have spent time in Pittsburgh, PA and Stockholm, Sweden. I initially began photography as a hobby while in Stockholm to capture the beauty of the country .

As I continued to learn more about photography and became friends with other photographers my passion began to grow. I wanted to learn new techniques and ways to show my friends and the world what I was seeing. My current photography is mainly landscapes, but I enjoy taking pictures in every place I visit and trying to capture the essence of the environment and people as I see them. I addition to landscape photography, I also specialize in time-lapse photography, and video editing.

Photography has changed from just a hobby to something that I am proud to share with others. I have worked with a number of clients. Recently, I have taken both portraits and city photographs for CDs and singles and I have licensed time lapses to Mercury Arts Radio. My images can also be found on Getty Images®. I have a host of images on my flickr® site that are not currently here on this website. If you are interested in purchasing any of those photos please feel free to contact me.


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