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The World Below: Time-Lapse | Earth 2 from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.


This project was a lot of fun to do but it definitely had its challenges. I really struggle with whether I was even going make another one of these after making “Time-Lapse Earth”. The time and space/memory it took up was a lot. But this time I was better prepared with a faster machine and a lot more memory, things went a lot smoother than with “Time-Lapse Earth”.

This was the first time that I’ve every worked with 4K footage filmed on a RED camera. The files that I downloaded from the NASA website were anywhere from 3GB to 100GBs. Not only were the files large, but color grading was an entirely different beast.  I certainly was not used to working with this much latitude when color grading. The increased latitude opened up a whole world of possibilities. However, I tried to keep the colors as natural as possible, or as natural as I could imagine they would look like from the International Space Station. Want to learn more?Ssee the description below the video.

Locations of Footage in the order they appear:

1.    Kounotori 4, unmanned cargo spacecraft *
2.    Unknown*
3.    Quebec City, Canada
4-7. Unknown*
8. Ucayali River, Peru*
9. Unknown*
10. Quebec City and St. Lawrence River, Canada*
11-12. Unknown*
13. Western United States*
14. Unknown*
15. Ataturk Dam Lake, on the Euphrates River, Turkey *
16. Nile River, lower Egypt*
17.    Dubai, United Arab Emirates* 
18.    Bahamas*
19.    The Nile Delta, Egypt*
20.    Texas Gulf Coast*
21.    Unknown*
22.    Unknown
23.    Aurora Borealis over North America
24.    Aurora Borealis over Canada and USA
25.    Iberian Peninsula to Red Sea
26.    Southern Hemisphere Aurora and Sunrise 
27.    The Nile River Delta to Mecca, Middle East    
28.    Mexico to Maine, USA
29.    Balearic Sea to Lake Turkana
30.    Atlantic Ocean to Kazakhstan
31.    Aurora Borealis over the Atlantic Ocean
32.    The Earth and sunrise in 4K





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Mind your Business…Until after I’m done. The Green MountiansThis is the second video from my trip to Vermont this past summer. As many of you may or may not know, Vermont is called the green mountain state. As many times as I go to visit, it never ceases to amaze me with its beautiful landscapes. This footage video is from the first time I flew my Mavic pro. Was I nervous?? Heck yeah! There are ton of things you have to think about when flying a drone that most people take for granted. When you see a person flying a drone, it might look easy but that pilot has a million and one things going through their head.  Keeping your eye on the drone as well as composing the shots you want is just a few things to worry about. On this flight and the one from the last video I posted, I even had a few birds take a swipe at my drone. As a photographer, its hard enough taking stills with a regular digital SLR, there is always something you didn’t remember or the situation or moment you were planning that didn’t go as planned. With a drone all those things plus the safety of flying an unmanned aircraft are on the table.

So you are probably asking yourself, why is he going on and on about this? Well there is a point to all of this. The worst thing you can do is talk to a drone pilot while they are flying (unless you are the pilot’s visual observer) I can’t tell you the amount of times people have come up to me while flying my drone. All that stress that I mentioned up above it just went up a level by you talking to me. One guy even pressed me when I didn’t answer his questions about where my drone was and the fact that he could see it in the air (repeatedly asking excuse me, I don’t see where it is?  Excuse me?!) Most people don’t know it, but you can actually get in some serious trouble for interfering with a drone operator’s flight (see my last post).  So the next time you are out and you see someone flying a drone, wait until they have landed and then talk to them. 

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Aphelion Aphelion Well I’ve decided to take the plunge into aerial photography and bought myself a drone. Admittedly, I was really skeptically about buying one. I have to admit that part of my hesitation of buying a drone was not knowing what I could and could not do with a drone (where I could fly it and when, etc.). So I decided to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) test for part 107, which I might add, is not mandatory. It was a pain studying for the test, but after passing it, I was glad that I did it. For those of you who are thinking about buying a drone, I would strongly consider at least reading some of the study material to familiarize yourself with the FAA, laws and what to be aware of when flying and also how the FAA protects you as a drone operator. For instance, statute 18 USC 32 prohibits interfering with anyone engaged in the authorized operation of such aircraft and carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.  Since drones are considered aircraft, threatening a drone or a drone operator, would also be a federal crime subject to five years in prison under this same statute.

For months I was going back and forth with which drone to buy, but in the end I went with the Mavic Pro for its portability. I’m still amazed how small it is and how easy it is to travel with. This first video was taken while on a trip to Vermont, during the Aphelion, which is when the Earth is at its furthest point from the sun. In this video, I wanted to capture the sunlight in all its glory along with the beauty of Vermont.

To shoot this video I used Neutral Density/Polarizing filters (PolarPro Filters) to control the shutter speed. This video is also my first video to be solely color graded and edited in Davinci Resolve 12.5, which is a free program. Honestly, it took me longer to learn how to use this program than study for the Part 107 test! But the more I use it, the more I’m really starting to like it, and best of all its totally free and super powerful.

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Moonrise on Titan Although most of this year I’ve been shooting more still photography and video (most of which I haven’t posted), I decided to try and shoot a time lapse of the Supermoon that happened last week. Because I mainly shoot with a full-framed camera, I thought a 2x extender and nice zoom lens would help to capture the supermoon in all its glory. However to my disappointment, really my own fault, I put in the order to rent the gear a bit too late, which would have the extender and the zoom lens arrive a day after the Supermoon.


At that point, shooting the moon with my 28-135mm on a full-frame camera was not going to happen.  The only other option I had to capture the supermoon with was using my Full Spectrum crop sensor camera, which I primarily use for infrared photography. This combined with my 28-135mm, started to sound a bit more appealing, essentially turning my 28-135mm lens to a 45mm- 216mm lens. Since this was something I had never tried before, I was pretty curious as to how shooting the moon would turn out with my Full Spectrum Camera (Canon 7D) with a red filter (Hoya 25A) attached to it. Shooting in direct sunlight can be a real nightmare when shooting in infrared, which can produce some serious lens flare. So I had my reservations about shooting the full moon, which directly reflects sunlight.

You can see for yourself how this came out.

P.S. Turn up your speakers or headphones for this one.

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You Have to Start Somewhere This latest video is my first honest attempt at making video.  This year I’ve decided that I will shoot more video and less time-lapse.  Most if not all of my personal creative projects will be video in 2016.  I’m not saying that I’m completely throwing time-lapse in the dustbin (I will still shoot them for clients), but it will definitely be put in the far dark reaches of my closet.

Over this past Christmas I decided to really find out what all goes into making a video.  In particular how to best shoot video using a DSLR, color grading and other post-processing techniques.  There is a ton of info on the Internet, which I found extremely useful (Thank you Phillip Bloom and James Miller and Vimeo Video School for all of the helpful information you constantly put out!).  So I decided to give it a try.  I’ve always been drawn to the warmth and colors of the Christmas lights at night around the city.  Transforming the city into a more inviting place.  For me, seeing these lights and the many window displays always puts me in a better mood.  In this video, my idea was to capture some of the Christmas theme decorations as well as the many people that come to see them.

On the technical side:

This footage is a small portion of video that I captured over two nights. The point of the shoot was to get use to shooting video with my new DSLR.  To shoot this video I used a picture profile that I bought from VisionColor (VisionColor for Canon DSLR’s).  To capture as much light as possible while shooting, I primarily stuck with my 50mm F1.4 lens.  I did on a few instances shoot with my 28-135mm IS F3.5-5.6.  For the majority of the shots, I shot wide open or at the lowest F-stop possible.  I captured most of the footage using a range of ISO’s between 160-2500.

Holiday HangoverHappy New Year everyone! The start of the New Year is always exciting but is always a bummer when all of the warm lights and cool window displays are taken down.

This short video was shot just before the Christmas Holiday, while I was out shooting the Christmas decorated courtyard at City Hall. On my way home, I came across the Peanuts-Themed Holiday Window Displays at Macy’s (Market Street Side). This video is the result from a few of scenes that I captured that night.

]]> (Bruce Wayne Photography) A Charlie Brown Christmas Bruce Wayne Photography Canon 28-135mm Canon 50mm F1.4 Canon 5D MKIII Center City Philadelphia Charlie Brown Christmas Light Show Christmas Lights Christmas Tree Macy Miracle on 34th Street Peanuts Themed Window Display People Selfies Snoopy The Peanuts gang Thu, 07 Jan 2016 23:08:42 GMT
The "Little" City of Brotherly Love. This was probably one of the most enjoyable projects that I’ve worked on in a long time.  My goal was to turn Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly”, into a miniature city. 

Originally I started this project back in 2011.  At the time I had only shot a few of the scenes, but for some reason or another I never did anything with them.  It wasn’t until a few months ago when I was clearing out my hard-drive that I came across the footage I captured.

To shoot this time-lapse I used an extremely fast shutter speed to capture the full movement of the cars, people and the moving parts of the city to help create the illusion of the miniature effect.  Shutter speeds were between 1 and 1/250 of a second.

So many times after shooting a time-lapse I notice things that were occurring in the scene that I did not notice while shooting.  For this reason I decided not to use a tilt-shift lens in this project and control the points of interest in post instead of it being predetermined at the time of the shoot.  After reviewing the footage, the tilt-shift effect was applied in post-production for each of the scenes.  For the ground level scenes, I took advantage of my 17-40mm wide-angle lens to help make the cars and people look further away than they appear.





The "Little" City of Brotherly Love


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Into Eternity... Into Eternity About a year and a half ago while shooting a long exposure photo, I witnessed a man commit suicide off the Ben Franklin Bridge.  The experience is something that I’ll never forget.  The mood was so heavy and dark that one could feel the loss of the person’s life in the air.  I can only imagine what this person saw and felt the day he took his own life; what the city must have felt like and looked like to him.  It was pretty hard to shoot this time-lapse without thinking about what I had witnessed. 

Using Black & White Long-Exposure photography, I wanted to capture Center City Philadelphia in a darker light.  Rarely when walking through the city do we look up and see the towering buildings above us.  In this Time-lapse I wanted to capture what we don’t see.  The last scene is where I saw the man take his own life. 

I dedicate this time-lapse to him.  May you forever rest in peace…

If you would like to read more about this please see my blog post "Departure".

If you are someone that needs help there are people that can help, please contact or 1-800-Suicide.

Additional notes. 

All scenes were shot with a Hoya ND400 filter and a Canon 7D.  Black & White conversion and other effects were done in post-processing.

Music provided by the “Music Bed”

Song from A. Taylor, “Who Will Remember”.

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The Hidden World  

The Hidden WorldThis is the latest installment to the wonderland series. This infrared time-lapse is actually a prequel to “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”. I started this project a few months before I started “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”, but wasn’t able to complete it until this year due to some of the locations being a bit harder to get to, the changing of the seasons and just being plain busy.
In this time-lapse video I wanted to introduce the hidden world of infrared photography and take you through a journey of my interpretation of “Wonderland”. The making of this video involved the use of various motion controlled devices and hyperlapse photography (which was incredibly challenging to shoot in the woods). Footage was captured in Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Valley Park and Belleplain State Forest, all near or in the Philadelphia area.
For this Infrared video, I used a “Red filter” or sometimes referred to as the “Goldie filter” instead of a yellow filter I used in the last project. Like in the previous infrared time-lapse I used a “Full Spectrum Camera” to make this video.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!
If you are interested in seeing more of my infrared photos check out the link below:
Music: "Evey Reborn" written and composed by “Dario Marianelli”.
All rights reserved to their respective owners.
A special thanks to Jared Polin for letting me use and test out the CineMoco Dolly.

Best Viewed in 1080p!


A crazy winter and a Ph.D later, I was finally able to complete my new time-lapse infrared video.  Last year and part of this year was pretty crazy, definitely not a period of my life I would like to relive, ever.  But at any rate it’s all over now.

I did not want to focus on the city when making this time-lapse video, but instead I wanted to focus on the surrounding nature that exists within the city or within an hour driving distance.  However if you were to ever visit some of these places such as Wissahickon Valley Park, you wouldn’t know that you were still in Philadelphia.

Like my last infrared time-lapse video, “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”, I used my trusty “Full Spectrum Camera”, which is capable of capturing visible and near infrared light.  For this time-lapse though I used a red filter instead of a yellow filter.  The red filter captures light from ~590nm and above.  In contrast, the yellow filter captures light from ~450nm, which gives one a little bit more light from the visible spectrum, which can produce a different look.  I used the red filter because I wanted to produce a more dream-like atmosphere, as opposed to the one in “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”.

“The Hidden World”, was quite a challenge to make.  For this video I wanted to use a technique I had never tried before, Hyper-lapse Time-Lapse Photography.  If done correctly, it can produce some pretty neat footage.  In this video I wanted to use the effect to produce the feeling of flying or zooming through the forest.  Usually it’s done on a flat surface, making it easier to create the time-lapse, but as you all are probably thinking, there aren’t main flat surfaces in the woods.  Even the flat places were uneven or rough.  Needless to say, those scenes were incredibly painstakingly difficult to capture.  I won’t get into the post-processing that you’ll need to work with after you shoot the shots, but if you decide to try this technique be prepared for a long and tedious shooting session.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video and more blog post about infrared photography and this video to come.

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The Dark City Project. I was told when I first got into photography to never go back a reprocess photos.  Never did understand why, but for the most part once I’m done with a photo, I’m done with it and move on.  Except for this time.  

A few weeks ago a client had purchased an infrared photo from my site.  The photo was taken during one of the time-lapse shoots I did about a year or so ago, Dark City Volume 1. Originally I processed this footage in Black & White, instead of faux color IR.  So I decided to go back and re-process the time-lapse to look more like the photo, in faux color IR (

Dark City was an idea that I had came up with about a year or so ago, were I would capture a series of infrared time-lapses around the city.  I wanted to give Philadelphia an otherworldly feel, similar to the photographs that I take.   I was hoping to have several of these time-lapses done, but life got in the way so the project was put on hold.  I’m hoping to continue the project this coming spring, so stay tune for more coming soon.

Music: "Solace" composed & performed by Quixotic

All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Note: Best watched in 1080P.

Dark City Volume 1.

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The Day Wonderland Stood Still...(Philadelphia in Infrared) The Day Wonderland Stood Still... I spent the better part of this summer working on this time-lapse video and boy has it been an experience.  It was nearly impossible to shoot any of these scenes in this time-lapse without someone being in it.  Living in a city that has about a million people living in it, I guess you have to expect it, right?  So getting rid of the people during the post-processing took some time and patience.  During the shooting of this project it felt like more of a social experiment than anything else.  No matter where I set up to shoot, whether it was a crowed place or completely empty, a group of people always congregated near me.  Throughout the entire shooting process this always happened.  The shot/scene taken from Art Museum was probably one of the biggest examples of this.  If you have ever been to the art museum here in Philadelphia, you know that people often run to the top of the stairs and get their picture taken or take pictures of the Philadelphia skyline.  I set up my gear one-stair level below the top and started shooting away.  Within two minutes, I noticed the crowed that was at the top level had now moved on the same level I was standing on.  The people who were running up the stairs even decided to stop on the same level I was at instead of running to the top.  As soon as I began pack up and leave, the level had cleared out and people went back up to the top of stairs.  There was another instance were I was in a park all by myself.  As time began to pass, I noticed that a small group had formed in the area I was shooting in.  I guess a part of us is still wired to feel safer in larger numbers.  The whole strength in numbers thing never really goes away, even if no apparent danger was in sight.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video, till next time have a good one everyone!

Addition Info:

This time-lapse was inspired by the “Empty America Series” by Ross Ching and the Nibiran jungle scene in Star Trek Into Darkness.  When I first saw the scene in Star Trek, it made me think about how color infrared would look if we could see it with our own eyes, unaided by IR filters.  After seeing the movie and watching Ross’s series I thought about how a totally empty city would look in Kodak EIR style infrared.

All scenes were shot around Philadelphia using my full-spectrum camera and a yellow filter.  During the editing/post-processing of the scenes I tried to keep as much of the “real world” colors, while maintaining the surreal look of infrared. The first scene and time-lapse title was prompted by an infrared series that I’ve been shooting over the years called “Wonderland”.  If you are interested in seeing some of the photos from this series check out the link below:


Music: "To The Hills" composed & performed by “Ben Lukas Boysen”.


All rights reserved to their respective owners.    


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Fish Out of Water This summer has been the summer of time-lapse photography.  More often than not I am out shooting material for my latest time-lapse video that will be finished very soon.  So I decided to take a little break and try something different.  A few weeks ago I decided to go down to the new skateboard park with a friend of mine, Michael Albany.  I was really excited because it was going to be a new experience for me.  Being a Landscape photographer, the world of action photography is totally foreign to me.  When arriving at the park it seemed easy enough to determine the best location to shoot and find out who the skilled skateboarders and bikers were.  That was about as far as my landscape photography knowledge took me.  Lighting, camera angles and composition for a dynamic subject added a whole new layer of complexity.  Thankfully my friend Michael gave me some tips and showed me how to use a flash.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve used a flash for portraits and static subjects, but not for anything like this.  I felt like a complete fish out of water.  My respect level for action photography went way up after this experience.  Those pictures we all see in those magazines are pretty difficult to capture.  It was a good experience though and I definitely want to get some more practice at this kind of photography.  The other nice thing that came out of this shoot was that I finally got to try out the rapid burst mode on my Canon 7D.   It’s no 1D but shooting at 8 frames per second was more than enough for me.  I was also amazed at how well the 19-point auto focusing system worked.  Almost every shot was in focus.  At any rate, I decided not to post any of the shots that I used the flash.  To be honest they were pretty crap and probably will never see the light of day.  We’ll see.  However I did manage to get this shot.  It’s composed of 5 different shots taken in burst mode, the photos were then merged together in photoshop to produce this.

Hope you all are having a great rest of the summer and I’ll be back soon

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Full Credit  

The World Beyond the Visible Eye


It’s been an action packed last few months, and as a result my blog posts have really taken a hit.  Not like I was lighting the world on fire the number of posts I’ve made, but it has been a while.  The truth of the matter is that I have been working on a number of time-lapse videos and so far have managed to get about halfway through two of them.

A daily routine for me is to check out other blog posts and observe the latest trends in photography.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but the business climate of photography has been changing.  We often hear that a company contacts a photographer for use of footage or pictures.  Typically stating in the email that we would love to use your stuff, and in return we will give you full credit for your work.  To me this is insane.  Sure when you watch a movie or a movie trailer you might ask yourself who was the director, but when watching a commercial when was the last time you asked yourself who shot the principle photography for this?  I know before I got into photography the amount of times that I asked that question was zero.  All I care about is how cool or entertaining it was.  I feel if the company that is using your video or photos is getting paid for it, you the photographer should be compensated as well.  I’ve been reading about more and more cases of companies rewarding photographers with credit instead of the cash that they deserve for their hard work.  It’s like getting on a bus and telling the driver, “If you let me ride for free, I’ll give you full credit for my commute when someone asks me how I got to my destination”. 

In this day and age I think putting out quality work, and being a constant presence on the Internet will help to get your name out there.  Sites like Vimeo, Flickr, etc., give photographers the means to promote their work in front of a very large audience.  It would be interesting to see just how much getting full credit has helped advance a photographer’s career for work that they gave away for free.  I’m just saying.


About the photo:

An infrared long exposure photo of boathouse row in Philadelphia, PA.  The picture was taken with my full-spectrum camera, a red filter and a ND400x filter.

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Time-Lapse | Earth Time-Lapse|Earth

This is something I always wanted to do but never had the computer resources or time.  But with the weather not being ideal for going out and shooting time-lapses, and an upgrade to my computer I decided to finally give this a go.

Hope you all enjoy it and thanks for watching!


All Time-lapse sequences were taken by the astronaunts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) (Thanks guys for making this available to the public for use!)  All footage has been color graded, denoised, deflickered, slowed down and stabilized by myself.  Clips were then complied and converted to 1080 HD at 24 frames/sec.


Some interesting tidbits about the ISS.  It orbits the planet about once every 90 mins and is about 350 Km/217 miles.


The yellow/greenish line that you see over the earth is Airgolw. 


Hope you all enjoy it and thanks for watching!


P.S.  It would be a dream to actually be up there in the ISS.  Btw NASA, if you need a Biochemistry Ph.D to do some work for you up there, I’m your man, LOL!



Music: "Manhatta" composed & performed by “The Cinematic Orchestra”

All rights reserved to their respective owners.     


Edited by: Bruce W. Berry @ <b>Website: </b> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">|Bruce Wayne Photography|</a>


Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth



Footage Note: The slower video represents a closer resemblance to the true speed of the International Space Station; this footage was shot at one frame per second.  Clips are all marked with an *. 


Locations of Footage in the order they appear:


  1. A Jump over the Terminator
  2. Sarychev Volcano
  3. From Turkey to Iran*
  4. Hurricane Irene Hits the US
  5. Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean Through the Cupola*
  6. Central Great Plains at Night*
  7. Aurora Borealis over the North Atlantic Ocean*
  8. Aurora Borealis from Central U.S.*
  9. Up the East Coast of North America*
  10. Myanmar to Malaysia*
  11. Western Europe to Central India
  12. Middle East to the South Pacific Ocean
  13. Aurora Borealis over Europe*
  14. City Lights over Middle East*
  15. European City Lights*
  16. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at Night
  17. Moonglow over Canada and Northern U.S.*
  18. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (1)
  19. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (2)
  20. Stars from the Pacific Ocean (3)
  21. Stars and the Milky Way over the Atlantic*
  22. The Milky Way and Storms over Africa (1)
  23. The Milky Way and Storms over Africa (2)
]]> (Bruce Wayne Photography) Earth ISS The Milky Way Time-Lapse Photography Mon, 11 Mar 2013 01:11:59 GMT
Life on the Outer Rim... Life in the Outer Rim... My second attempt at capturing our beautiful Milky Way galaxy.  This attempt went better than the last (See my Flickr page), in part because of not having the jitters and the other is having one session already under my belt.  I always say the best way to learn something is to go out and try it.  It’s nice to have some tips and some general knowledge beforehand, but nothing beats going out and experimenting and also getting to know the limitations of your camera.  This is a field of photography I’m hoping to get better in.  Nothing fascinates me more than looking up into the night sky and seeing the vast amount of stars out there, wondering if there is someone out there looking back.

]]> (Bruce Wayne Photography) Bruce Wayne Photography Canon 7D ISO 6400 Long Exposure Milky Way Night Sky Vermont Winter Milky Way Thu, 14 Feb 2013 15:17:49 GMT
The Road to Enlightenment found on a Philadelphia Street Corner. X Well this is my first photo-blog post of the year and I decided to start with this shot.  I had been back and fourth to this spot in the city a few times during the year only to be disappointed in the results I got.  Either I got to the location to late and the clouds were gone or it wasn't enough light present for the shoot.  But on this day I got more than I bargained for.  Here's the story behind it...

In hopes of getting the right light and cloud movement in this photo I rushed from my apartment to the location of this scene.  With the light fading fast and the clouds becoming less and less, I set up my tripod and attached my camera and started shooting away.  Like any American city, if you are standing still in one place for long enough (and with a camera) someone is bound to start talking to you.  As I was snapping away, and trying to get the timing right for each shot, a homeless man approached me and started asking me questions about what I was taking pictures of.  I explained to him I was taking long exposures of the sky and buildings to produce a special effect.  I thought nothing of him and processed to shoot away, until he says to me, “The Sky?  What’s that like 5000 ft (1524 m)?”  I thought it was odd that he would shoot out a number like that, but I paid it no mind.

He then got a closer look at my camera and began to comment on the brand that I was using.  “Canon, Canon???  Are you serious?  If I’m shooting pictures of the wife and kids and just playing around I’d use a Canon.  But if you want to shoot professional stuff I’d use a Nikon.  Canon, Canon is not for professional photographers?!” I could help but laugh to myself.  Here I am thinking this guy was going to ask me for spare change, when all he wanted to do was educate me on camera equipment, LOL. 


Have a great rest of the day everyone.

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My Adventure Into The World of Video Using a DSLR An Evening at Franklin Square

I realized that after a year of owning a Canon 7D, I had not experimented with the video function.  I’ve shot many of time-lapses, but never straight video.  So on this day I decided to have a little fun and headed down to Franklin Square with a friend of mine.  I have to admit it’s a bit more challenging than just shooting stills, but I really enjoyed it.  I shot most of the clips at 60 frame per second in 720p.   So without going into any more of the detail, here is my first attempt at video!


Enjoy and have a great start to the weekend!

]]> (Bruce Wayne Photography) 60 fps Canon 7D Franklin Square Philadelpia, PA Slow Motion Video Thu, 11 Oct 2012 16:59:38 GMT
Departure... Departure...

“Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.” – Tyrion Lannister

This quote never rang so true to me than it has this week.  Last Tuesday I decided to go to the Ben Franklin Bridge to take some shots to complete a Long Exposure series that I have been working on.  While taking my long exposures everything was going well.  No strange people asking strange questions and the conditions were what I wanted them to be.

About 5PM, I decided to move to center of the bridge to get a very long exposure of the bridge and the moving water underneath it.  And then it happened.  I put my head down for just a minute to do some calculations for the long exposure I started, and then I saw something from the corner of my eye.    At that moment two women walked up to me and asked if I just saw that.  It turned out that a person committed suicide by jumping from the bridge.  This was the scene captured during the man's death.

It was pretty disturbing to say the least, but what I found to be appalling was the number of jokes that people made about this person that just committed suicide.  I mean come on, really??  If this was a loved one or a friend would that spark the same reaction from these people?  I tend to think not.

Everyone that walked by including the police questioned me about what I saw (having my tripod and camera out), curiously wondering if I had captured something, but because it was an eight-minute exposure, the person could not be seen in my shot.

Suicide is a solution to one or many of life’s temporary problems, where as life and the future has the possibility to create a number of better times.  There is no doubt about it that life can be cruel and unforgiving. We all have different things we are working through, but myself, I’d take the chance to live another day over death anytime.  If you are having problems talk to someone about.  Everything at some point must die, but to die at one’s own hands is truly a sad thing.

Having said that I dedicate this photo to the person who ended their life.  May you rest in Peace…

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Unresponsive Home Button iPhone 4 Having trouble with your iPhone 4 Home button?  Is it unresponsive?   Well mine was too until I discovered this nice work around.   Yesterday I went to the Apple Store to get my Home Button fixed on my iPhone 4.  Instead of fixing it they offered me a new iPhone 4 for $149.  I didn’t think it was worth it, especially with the iPhone 5 coming out soon.  And also for them to fix it, I got the feeling that it would cost more than what it was worth.  However, the guy at the Apple Store was kind enough to show me an alternative solution to fixing my Home Button problem.


Go into Settings--->General--->Accessibility.  Once into Accessibility, scroll down to AssistiveTouch and turn it on.  Once you do that after a second or two a faint white circle will appear on the screen.  When you touch it four different options will appear and one of them will be the Home Button.  The “On Screen Home Button” works just like the physical one.  Touching it will bring you back to the home screen. Double Tap it and you can see the apps that you have running/open.    If you want to move the white spot to a different spot on your screen you can do so by holding it down and dragging it.  Unfortunately you can only place it on the sides of the screen and not in the middle of the screen.


Anyhow, I just thought I’d share this with you all in case you are having the same problem and need a quick and easy solution to a unresponsive home button on your iPhone 4.

Some Screenshots:

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The Other World  

After a year of thinking about it and waiting for the perfect conditions, I finally decided to try my hand at Cloud-Lapses.  I've always thought that clouds had an other worldly feel to them.  They way they move and the shapes that they take on, almost makes them look like they are alive.  Well in this time-lapse video that I've put together I tried to capture just that.  Sit back and enjoy the show.  Till next time!





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Much to say about nothing Well this is my first blog post ever.  I’ve been fighting it for a while now, but today I’m finally getting on the bandwagon.  In this blog, I plan on share all my wild and crazy adventures as a photographer, well not really, but I do intend to share a bit of my experiences.  So lets just jump into it shall we…

I’d say at least once or twice a day I surf the web checking out other photographers work and websites.  Nothing out of the ordinary for me except for this past week I realized something, that I’ve totally fallen asleep at the wheel.   Seeing all the different work from the people I follow made me realize how much time I’ve really been spending on photography, which was much less than I previously did.  The funny thing is that I’ve been out shooting, but not processing/editing anything that I’ve taken.  Maybe it was some type of creative rut that we all go through from time to time?  How often does this happen to you?  At any rate, here’s some new material that I’ve been working on.  It’s the first time-lapse in a series I’m putting together called “Dark City”. 

Enjoy and I’ll be back!


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